Deonto Design and Development

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About Brian Partridge

After growing up around music and earning an engineering degree,
I turned towards web design. It was my creative outlet, and what started as a hobby became a career.

Brian Partridge

Self-taught and continually learning, I've managed to find the languages that work for me.

My belief is that there's always a way to get something done. With the combined experience and tools I've gained, there's virtually nothing I can't get done.

Bottom line: I love what I do. Keep me busy!

What I Do

I create clean and simple web interfaces using the latest techniques and methods.

Any design that promotes a product to the general public deserves to have as much input from that product's owners as possible.

The process is a collaboration.
I take the content and personal touch that the client provides and mold it into a website that makes competitors cry. Weep, even.

How I Do It

I can be as involved in a project as is required. Creating a design from scratch and relating it to a design online, my goal is to be as pixel-perfect as possible in all of the major browsers.


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • JavaScript + jQuery
  • MySQL Databases
  • Wordpress (as CMS)
  • Facebook Markup Language
  • Adobe Air

Contact Me

Interested in having me design, develop or tweak? Drop me a line!

email: brian at deonto dot com|twitter: bpartridge

Billy Simons

Billy wanted a Facebook page to promote his recent album, along with combining selected media, a short bio, and links to other websites where his fans could connect with him. My goal was to make the page custom for his content while maintaining a style to blend in and appear as if the page belonged on

Adobe PhotoshopHTMLCSSFMBL

Smoker's Companion

A small startup aiming to make it big, they needed a clean design that promoted their goals for the future. The result is a simple two-page layout explaining the purpose of their site and asking manufacturers to submit information.


Fantastic Festivals

Gary Partridge needed to streamline the registration process for the schools signing up to take part in his festivals.

Adobe PhotoshopHTMLCSS3JavaScriptjQueryPHPWordpress

Pat Richter Group

Pat wanted a redesign on par with her skills and success as a real estate agent. Potential buyers and sellers will have easy access to information about her services.

Adobe PhotoshopHTMLCSS3JavaScriptjQueryWordpress Storm Center

The leading AM radio station in Connecticut asked for a new system to have users find updates for their schools, churches, and other organizations. It was a great opportunity for me to expand my skills to include a desktop environment with Adobe Air.

Adobe AirAdobe PhotoshopCSS3JavaScriptjQueryPHPMySQL

Afford a Bail

Sean Burby requested a web presence that incorporated the harsh reality of what his company provides. The site provides information about different service he offers, pricing and payment details, and a contact form for a expedient release.

Adobe PhotoshopHTMLCSS3JavaScriptjQueryWordpress